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Emma Bragdon

Director of Integrative Mental Health University (IMHU). Licensed as a Marriage, Family and Child Therapist in 1988--now a teacher and coach at and onsite. Author of 6 quite serious books and an amusing and informative booklet that pokes fun at the new Bible of Psychiatry, the DSM-5. Emma has been deeply involved in bridging spirituality and mental health since 1966. She lives in VT, USA.

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About this Course

Are you feeling stuck within yourself or with a loved one who is emotionally disturbed?  Are you wanting more information about integrative mental health, and the impact of psychiatric meds?  This course will reveal information about the downside of conventional mental health care today.  It's an easy format online and you become part of a learning community to discuss questions and concerns.  Although some of this is difficult news--it is also an entry point to exploring the alternatives we offer through

Date/Time: Anytime it's convenient for you

Location: Online.  Required: a stable link to the internet via computer, tablet or mobile device.  Google Chrome is the preferred browser.

Facilitator: Emma Bragdon, PhD., Director of Integrative Mental Health for You

Guest Presenter:  Robert Whitaker, award winning author of "Anatomy of an Epidemic"

Cost: Free

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