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Emma Bragdon

Director of Integrative Mental Health University (IMHU). Licensed as a Marriage, Family and Child Therapist in 1988--now a teacher and coach at and onsite. Author of 6 quite serious books and an amusing and informative booklet that pokes fun at the new Bible of Psychiatry, the DSM-5. Emma has been deeply involved in bridging spirituality and mental health since 1966. She lives in VT, USA.

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About this Course

Possible Cures for Autism

Dates: At Your Convenience

Place: Online... through your computer or mobile device

Your Take Home: You will learn what science tells us is the cause of the rapid escalation in Autism in our youth, what you can do about it, and where to look for assistance if your family is assisting a member who is on the Autistic Spectrum.


Day 1: The Roots of Autism, Prevalence and Cause

  • The Mainstream Speaks
  • Independent Science Speaks
  • A Disease or A Response to Toxins?

Day 8: Powerful Healing Modalities

  • Taming the Tsunami
  • Effective Strategies from Medical Doctors
  • Contacts and Resources

Day 16: Broader Horizons    

  • Autistic Kids Often Have Unusual Abilities
  • Meet Sylene Almeida, A Brazilian Pediatrician and Energy Worker
  • The Healing of Horse Boy

 Day 24: Vaccinations?

  • How to Be Both Reasonable and Discerning
  • Current Science Weighs In Heavy
  • Protecting Kids Who Are Vulnerable   

 Format & Activities: this is an open access course so you have access to all the activities from the start.  We have organized the material to facilitate learning and strongly suggest you follow the sequence posted. You do not have to be an expert at the computer to participate.  A sequence of activities is clearly spelled-out; it's user friendly.  Most activities are 5-20 minutes long; so they fit into a busy schedule. Join with others online at your convenience for discussion.  Watch unique videos, read short articles, be inspired and entertained by children who are successful in bringing out their gifts and overcoming autism.  Receive resources to help you cope more successfully with the issues you and/or your family have.   Be prepared for some inspiring musical interludes and laughs, too!

 Facilitator: Emma Bragdon, PhD.  Founder/ Director of

Guest Presenters: include a unique interview with Sylene Almeida, MD and a video talk by Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD.

Price: $79.00 usd.  Payable through paypal or with a credit card.  You may also pay 2 payments of $40. each

We offer some partial scholarships for those in financial difficulty.  Apply here.

CE/ CME for Health Care Providers.  10 Credit hours.  Additional Cost: $50.00   Contact: for more information.