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Emma Bragdon

Director of Integrative Mental Health University (IMHU). Licensed as a Marriage, Family and Child Therapist in 1988--now a teacher and coach at and onsite. Author of 6 quite serious books and an amusing and informative booklet that pokes fun at the new Bible of Psychiatry, the DSM-5. Emma has been deeply involved in bridging spirituality and mental health since 1966. She lives in VT, USA.

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About this Course

Access, 24-7, to brief introductory videos and longer 20-40 minute interviews on specific topics are included in your membership..  As of February 2017 we have 48 vids.  6 of them are people with lived-experience who speak about their personal stories.  The rest are pioneers in the practice of psychology, psychiatry, energy work and more.  Transformation in progress!


Mary Ackerley, MD Mary Ackerley, MD, Integrative Psychiatrist, specializes in current breakthroughs in healing from depression and anxiety with minimal use of psych. drugs.
Alan Bachers, PhDAlan Bachers, PhD  Director of the Neurofeedback Foundation, introduces neurofeedback,an exceptionally positive,  non-invasive path to enhance learning and performance.
Dan Benor, MDDan Benor, MD, Integrative Psychiatrist, author, specializes in peak performance and healing from trauma using easy self-help exercises.
David Berceli, PhDDavid Berceli, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, specializes in recovering from trauma.  He has been teaching this world-wide for decades in war-torn countries.
Javier DeSalasJavier DeSalas, Spiritual Healer, is an initiate of a spiritually awakened Spanish man.  Javier offers retreats in the USA and internationally that are both uplifting and enlightening.
FaustPeter and Jamy Faust, teach the Constellation Approach for healing dysfunctional family patterns so as to return to the pure love that underlies these deep relationships.
Sandra Glickman, MASandra Glickman, MA, Psychotherapist, Waking Down Teacher.  Sandra speaks about  the role of a psychotherapist in healing emotional wounds and become more spiritually enlightened.
Jill LeighJill Leigh, Director of the Energy Healing Institute, is both a teacher and practitioner.  She speaks about the work of her Institute and the role of developing intuition and mental hygiene.
Rick Leskowitz, MDRick Leskowitz, MD, Integrative Psychiatrist,  is a specialist in healing chronic pain and engaging peak performance.  He co-produced a film called "The Joy of Sox" about the inner practices of the Red Sox winning team.
Judith Pentz, MDJudith Pentz, MD, Integrative Psychiatrist, speaks about creating residential treatment for people in extreme states in order to help them to recover without dependence on psychiatric medication.
Don and Martha RosenthalDon and Martha Rosenthal are  counselors and lead couples groups internationally for people who want to bring more spirituality into their relationships.

Paula Sellars, MSWPaula Sellars, MSW, Social Worker, Awakened via Oneness University, is a consciousness trainer and documentary film producer who previously worked in psych wards.
Shawn TassoneShawn Tassone, MD, PhD(c), is an OBGYN who has come to understand how unusual spiritual experiences can enhance life and enhance the effectiveness of physicians.
Jim Tucker, MDJim Tucker, MD,  Psychiatrist, is a professional researcher into stories of reincarnation, and teaches in the U. of Virginia medical school.
Robert WhitakerRobert Whitaker, is an Award-winning author.  He gives an overview of the US Mental Healthcare system, the power and pitfalls of psychiatric medications.