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Emma Bragdon

Director of Integrative Mental Health University (IMHU). Licensed as a Marriage, Family and Child Therapist in 1988--now a teacher and coach at and onsite. Author of 6 quite serious books and an amusing and informative booklet that pokes fun at the new Bible of Psychiatry, the DSM-5. Emma has been deeply involved in bridging spirituality and mental health since 1966. She lives in VT, USA.

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About this course

6 Psychiatrists Who Can Help in Spiritual Crisis

This course will help you:

  • Discover practitioners  who recognize spiritual emegency and know how to treat it effectively
  • Get professional guidance to find the best provider for you
  • Learn how natural options can effectively treat the causes of some problems
  • Become more “integrative”--as a consumer or a provider

Dates: At your convenience

Structure: There are 4 modules which you can follow in sequence or as you wish, i.e. cherry pick what interests you.  You’ll watch videos, have some (optional) reading, and discuss  with other students and the facilitator, if you wish.    The course includes 6 unique interviews between Emma Bragdon, PhD and various psychiatrists and a mother of a son in an extreme state. Dr Bragdon has created a thoughtful interweaving of information to help the viewer better understand Integrative Psychiatry, comprehend its value, and be able to find an integrative psychiatrist to assist with optimizing mental you don't have to sort out this complex field on your own, spinning through google.

 Course Content: 

 1. Psychiatry in Transformation

Russell Razzaque, MD: The New Paradigm Alliance

Pradeep Chadha, MD: Emotive Therapy/ Less Drugs

2. Integrative Psychiatry

Alice Lee, MD:  Why I Am Now an Integrative Doc

Mary Ackerley, MD:  Integrative Psychiatry Simply Works Better

MDs Who Draw from the Well of Eastern Spirituality To Nurture Health

3. Effective Residential Treatment Centers

Loren Mosher, MD: Soteria House Worked!

Judith Pentz, MD:  Why We Need Soteria Now

A Mother’s Story with Her Schizophrenic Son

4. Your Next Step

How to Find the Right Doc for YOU: Referral Bases

Where to get training if you are a Doc


Facilitator: Emma Bragdon, PhDis the Founder/Director of Integrative Mental Health for You.  She was licensed as a Marriage, Family, Child Therapist in 1988 and has been involved with teaching complementary therapies for 45 years.  She has written 7 books and co-produced two documentary films.

CE credit available.  Please write for more info:

 Fee: $79.00  Click on link above left.  You can pay through a paypal account or credit card.  You may also make 2 payments of $40 each.

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